I SPY: Dream A Little Dream

Jan 16, 2017

It's Martin Luther King Day!  Do you have the day off?  I'm home with the kids and we are going to be cracking eggs for breakfast.  Not that unusual.  But today we have white and brown eggs and some are multicolored, and others have faces drawn on them!  Why?  It's my yearly exercise with the kids reminding them about equality and unity.  In this case, white, brown, black, green, purple, they're all still eggs when cracked open, just like we're all HUMAN on the inside.  We will take it one step further and mix all the different eggs together to make a yummy omelette.  Coz that's the way the world should be…like an omelette?  Kinda!

The omelette relation is proof that a mix of different things binding together can make something great, and a dream I wish us humans could learn from.  My dream for world peace can't happen alone, and needs everyones involvement.  Until that day comes when we can break this wicked cycle of segregation,  learn to stop judging a book by it's cover,  honor equal rights, truly love thy neighbor, and stop all wars…I will continue to dream a little dream.  I hope you will too, and never stop the fight for our rights, because we as a community can continue to bring Dr King's words of wisdom to fruition.  Yes we can!  BELIEVE.

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