I SPY: Chock - A - Block

Jan 3, 2017

Happy 2017 everyone!  Where did you celebrate the holidays?  I was in Miami off duty recharging.  Haven't been in a while and it has changed.  In a good way!  SoBe (South Beach) still remains the main scene and place to be for Art Deco boutique hotels, beach, food and clubs.  But this time I got my butt off my lounge chair and ventured out twenty minutes to a whole new hood…Wynwood.

Artist: Maya Hayuk

Ever been?  The area is famous for their chock-a-block walls of street art.  Obviously I was crushing hard!  Especially over these murals.

Artist: Jenna Morello

Artist: Kobra

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Okudart
Artist: Okudart

Besides the art the area has a bunch of cafes, bars, and great curated shops where you'll find unique finds.  When there indulge at Coyo Taco and shop at Frangipani.  If I allowed myself the thought that I could Fed Ex home everything I couldn't fit in my suitcase, I would've succumbed to buying the whole store! HA.

Wynwood's vibe reminds me a lot of Meat Packing district or Bushwick in NYC.  It's artsy, low key, and dare I say I like it better then SoBe's glitz?  YEAH.  Only thing missing is the beach.  Pick your battles!

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