I SPY: Behind The Scenes

Jan 31, 2017

Need a good dose of art?  Head over to Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.  It was formerly a tobacco plant, and since opening in 2011it currently houses about 200 artist in the building.  Some whom have their working studios within, plus exhibition spaces, and the Florence Academy.

Lets take a peek behind the walls shall we?  This Andy Warhol exhibit held some works that haven't been seen before!  It's a private collection of 91 silk prints.

Gary Lichtenstein showcased a collection of American flags.  A mixture of silkscreen and collage.

John Chamberlain had his photographs on exhibit.  I didn't even know he did photography!  I've only always known him for his automobile part sculptures.

Richard Meier's architecture models were fascinating.  So much detail!

Then in the basement we went behind the scenes and saw artist at work in their studios.  How cool is Alana Dee Haynes embroidered bra?

Mana Contemporary is open to the public, but only on tours scheduled twice a day during the week only.  Not on weekends.  Be sure to check the website for times before you go.  Worth the trek, but not if you can't get in!

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