I SPY: Meet The Joneses

Dec 8, 2016

Do you decorate the outside of your home for the holidays?  I don't because I can barely manage to find time to put up a tree.  But meet the Joneses!

Do you have neighbors like this?  People in my hood don't go over the top like this.  This is a rare sighting.  But in Dyker Heights in Brooklyn between 11th avenue & 13th avenue, and from 83rd street to 86th street you will find most of the homes lit to the nines with over the top decorations.

Can you say Christmas AF?!  HA.  It's tacky, it's outrageous, but so fun, and they're famous for their annual Dyker Lights extravaganza.  This town receives so much hype during Christmas there are tour buses leaving from Union Square in the city that take you out there during the season.

I took my boys for a after dinner spin around Dyker Heights and their faces were plastered against the window!  HA.  They were in complete awe!!  Reminds me of when I was a child and we use to drive around my grandparents neighborhood in Texas to see the lights.  Something different y'all!  I enjoyed it and I think you would too.

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