I SPY: I Got This

Dec 9, 2016

Are you figuring out what to wear to holiday parties?  It's the scramble, and the common I have nothing to wear in my closet season for me!  So I went shopping!  Bad excuse!!

Need some sequins in your life?  I got this!  I'm wearing the complete look to my parents Christmas soiree.  It's my over the top Joan Collins look, and ya'll know those cowboys love some razzle, dazzle!

But the nice thing is it's separates so you can break it up, and tonight I'll be doing the dressed down version when I go out with friends.  The sequin top under black overalls.  Sneakers or heels?  Still undecided, depends on my mood.

Plus, I have an office party next week and think I can make the sequin pants work with a turtle neck sweater or a white button down shirt.  Semi corporate?  It's the fashion industry, don't really need to be that buttoned up!

There you go, I'm party ready!  3 parties in 1, and possibly 4…if I'm not tired of these pieces by New Years!  All for under $100 from Zara.  If there's one thing I know how to do…it's I know how to score a steal!  

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