I SPY: Eat, Play, Love

Dec 15, 2016

Done with your holiday shopping?  I am mentally done.  Maybe a few little odds and ends that gift cards can fix.  But yes, I'm so happy to say I'm done!  What a feeling.  AHHHH.

Did you have a gift theme this year?  Mine this year is Eat, Play, Love.  Every family on my list with kids is getting the same gift, because I am soooo not original…a family box for a night of fun.  But I did put some thought into my gift that I know makes my kids happy and is universal entertainment that makes a good time.  So this is what is inside my boxes that I found at Michael's arts and craft stores.

Jenga + a Sharpie pen - A game all ages can enjoy.  I already gave the spoiler alert on Tuesday's post.

Photo props - Great find at the dollar store the kids can color with markers and take silly pics with.

Eleni's color me cookies - Yummy cookies you can color, and leave out for Santa.

Ballsy Bites - Another fun non diet item to sweeten the soul, and discover a rainbow inside.

Wine - Because who can't use another bottle?

A little something for everyone.  An after thought though is I should add a few packets of hot cocoa mix for the kiddos?  Easy enough.  Consider it done!

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