I SPY: Building Blocks

Dec 13, 2016

How do you stack up?  If you've never played Jenga before then you must be living under a rock! Just like Monopoly it is a classic.  Before I had kids I had that game.  After the kids were born they started playing with them as building blocks.  Today they're old enough to play a proper game of Jenga following the rules, and even without the kids I still play Jenga at the bar or friends houses.

You do know this game right?  Over the summer I played a drinking game version of Jenga.  The bar made it.  Actions like 'take a shot', 'recite the alphabet backwards' were written on the wooden blocks.  May sound childish, but a lot of fun.  Gets everyone interacting and laughing.  Drunk Jenga is the best!

I made a DIY kids version for my kids.  They love it!  It's taken over the popularity of UNO in my house.  FINALLY we can break free of the same ole' game!

They love the new Jenga twist so much I cleaned out my neighborhood toy store of Jenga sets!  I've decided to gift everyone on my list a set of Jenga blocks + a Sharpie pen to make their own new generation Jenga.  It's an easy gift because anyone one from 0 - 100 years can play it.  Spoiler alert for anyone who knows me, but that's what your getting for Christmas…act surprized!  HA.

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