I SPY: Ball Is Life

Dec 12, 2016

How did my Sunday's turn into ball is life?  Literally.  I have nothing to blog about from my weekend, because I didn't do anything yesterday other then basketball.  Both my boys had games, and then at night we watched the Knicks vs. Lakers game, and ended up going to bed late AGAIN on a school night.  Complaints of a soccer mom!  But a cool one, with cool fan gear, which really blew my cover when I caved and bought myself this gem.

How can I not admit that I'm not in it is as much as the kids?  I totally am for the money and O'Quinn!  HA.  Which brings me to rewind to last week when I gifted my boys their ultimate Christmas present.

I took them to the Knicks vs. Cavaliers game.  They're all into Knicks newbie Derrick Rose and Cavs champ Lebron James.

Even though the Knicks lost so badly the boys had a blast and a great experience.  As I've told you before and continue to practice for the last two years, I believe in gifts that keep giving.  Gifts that create experiences and lasting memories.  Not material things that just end up adding more junk to my already cluttered home!  So a reminder to all…this holiday don't forget to think outside the box.

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