I SPY: Wake Up America

Nov 9, 2016

Is it April Fools Day?  Waking up today to President Donald J. Trump is a joke.  This is an enormous disappointment America.

In 2008 when Obama our first Black president got elected my youngest son was born a few days after.  I made him a time capsule.  These are the magazines and newspapers I pulled out of his box last night.  Do you remember the excitement and celebration eight years ago in that historic moment?  It was progress to a better future.

Last night - zero joy, and tears of fear.  The only tiny bit of consolation is if a racist, sexist, bully (the list goes on!) man like Trump can win, my lil' guy with a dream of becoming president one day has a damn good chance with zero credentials.  Vote for Prez. M!!!  The first Asian president?  We will see!

In the mean time wake up America.  We are entering uncertain times and need to take care of each other.  If our new presidents words allows his supporters to feel compelled to act wrongly, please rise to stand up and protect those being threatened.  We can stay united, and continue to shape our communities with good morals and values on our own.  Stay independent and educated.  ALWAYS.

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