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Nov 16, 2016

So many fishes in the sea, but still hard to find that special one?  Especially when it comes to sushi!  Sushi has become so commercial and even available in our supermarkets.  The difference is the grade of sushi.  The quality of rice.  The authenticity.  Do you know the difference?

We welcome Sugarfish to NYC, that originates from Los Angeles and just opened in our city last week.  Lines have been out the door with wait times I've heard up to two hours or more.  Yesterday when it was pouring out I happened to walk by at lunch time to surprisingly find no line, and immediate seating at the bar.  Talk about good timing!  Thank you rain!!

Damn girl is right?!!  That's their chef special omakase 'Trust Me Lite' + uni, large scallops and ikura. add ons.  I don't eat lite!  HA.  Their raw fish is very lightly seasoned, if at all, so the taste is not masked and as fresh as can be.  Their sushi rice is served warm, cooked al dente, and their secret rice vinegar potion their rice is cooked in adds a touch of sweetness.  Their seaweed crisp, delicate, not soggy.  No details skipped.

Trust me, for price and quality it's the bomb.  Just as good as what I've tasted at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.  No tipping is their rule.  Everything has already been included in prices marked.  The next bad weather day I'll for sure be there again to grab a seat.  You should try and test your luck too.  Rest assured I'm sure we have many dark winter days coming soon, so what else to do?  Embrace it with a happy belly!

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