I SPY: Tongue In Cheek

Nov 4, 2016

Did you ever see the huge mural Ron English had up on Houston Street?  It's gone now.  But this is why I take pictures because things change so fast around here!

You remember that famous baby Hulk?  If your still clueless this is an artist known for his tongue in cheek propaganda pop art.  He currently has a pop up shop Popaganja Canebis Bodega.  Again that bodega theme trending!  The name suits it because it does sell items you would find in a typical bodega…just with a twist.

Like the humor?  I think it's hilarious and very catchy.  Ron English has teamed up with High Times lifestyle and apparel.  The fashion was pretty dope.  The products even better.  Obviously all weed themed, but made as art not for consumption!  The manipulated brands and logos emphasize the artists opinion that weed should be legalized because it's pretty harmless, and so many smoke irregardless…including our Presidents.  What are your thoughts on legalizing?

Whether your a pot head or not it's an interesting take, and I thought very playfully designed.  The pop ups last day is November 8, 2016.  On closing night Ron English will be there from 6 to 9pm signing his collector items.  Can you save me a spot in line?  HA.

Popaganja Canebis Bodega
147 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

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