I SPY: Sugar High

Nov 7, 2016

You asked…do I finish all the food I post?  YES, 95% of the time!  When I don't it either tastes bad or turns me off.  Rarely do I show what didn't make my A - list.  However, I am today because these milkshakes are on a social media frenzy.

Had one of these bad boys before?  Black Tap in NYC is famous for them, but this one I had was at Elm Street Diner.  Same, same.  They're all about a million calories, super elaborate, and definitely have  a WOW factor when presented.  People were stopping in their tracks walking by my table!  Not to look at me, but this craft special.  HA.

How could you miss that?  It's super cute right?  However the size and everything going on throws me off.  I mean…I didn't even know where to begin!  Between the milkshake, decorated glass with candy corn, chocolate covered pretzels, Halloween baubles, whipped cream, plus a slice of pumpkin pie on top it took me a few minutes to figure out how to dig in.  I ended up deconstructing the art, removing the whipped cream, and putting the pumpkin pie on a side plate before I could begin.

It was work to eat!  I couldn't finish it because after a few bites and sips I was already getting nauseous from the sugar high.  So unless you have a super sweet tooth I have to admit these crazy milkshakes were designed for Instagram worthy moments.  Unfortunately not for any gourmet quality I can rave about.  Which raises the question…So is this what our society has come to?  Overloading our senses to catch attention for the gram?  What happened to less is more?  Food for thought!

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