I SPY: Not So Vanilla

Nov 1, 2016

Over the summer do you remember the black ice cream fad?  Morgenstern's down in LES was one of the first, and everyone was gramming it except me.  The lines were too long.  I know thats the first for me not to be willing to wait!  HA.  But the concept of black ice cream just didn't appeal to me.

But it grows on you doesn't it?  Or maybe it's the toppings!  Well yesterday I got adventurous and tried the black Tahitian Vanilla Bean fro-yo at 16 Handles.  It was Halloween after all, and a little mystery couldn't kill!

Well...It was gone in a NY minute!  Tasted like Vanilla to me.  But not so vanilla with those Reese's pieces m&m's, and Heath crunch.  YUM.  Beware though, it makes your tongue, lips and teeth black!  Worth the treat though and…p.s no line!!

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