I SPY: Let's Taco 'Bout It

Nov 29, 2016

What's cooking in Berlin?  A lot of sausages!  Not unusual for Germany.  But I did discover a really cute cafe serving Japanese fusion cuisine.  A hidden oasis from the city bustle that looked like a greenhouse inside.  House of Small Wonder.  Little did I know that it happens to originate from Brooklyn, NY.  Only found that out just now!

Isn't it a cute brunch spot?  I now have to check out the Brooklyn location to see if it as quaint!  The menu is the same though, that includes typical Japanese dishes such as Katsu Don, and other common comfort foods.  But have you ever heard of 'Taco Rice'?

Let's taco 'bout it!  Their menu's description…Invented in the 60's, Tex-Mex favorite with a Japanese twist: ground all-natural pork, chopped vegetables (avocado, spinach, tomato), Parmesan and fried organic egg over rice.

I was impressed and came home and made it for my boys last night!  I served it on top of garlic fried rice, and used ground beef doctored with McCormick's taco seasoning.  Kids loved it.  Easy, peasy, Japaneesee!  It doesn't take much skill to make, so try it, otherwise if you live in NY head on over to the Brooklyn location for the real deal.

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