I SPY: Chill Pill

Nov 23, 2016

Home for the holidays?  Post Thanksgiving feast, if you need to A) get away from your family or B) bored and everything is closed then I have a recommendation for you!

Seen Moonlight yet?  Just saw it yesterday and loved it!  Kind of like the black version of Brokeback Mountain.  But much more in depth.  Deals with the struggles in a dysfunctional home, the hood, drug scene, bullying, homophobia, love and humanity.  Ultimately leaves you questioning... do you know who you really are?  DEEP.

Movie theaters are one of the few things open on Thanksgiving day.  If it's playing in a theatre near you take advantage of it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  As for me…I'm taking a chill pill in a foreign country.  Be back Monday!

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