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Oct 18, 2016

Got your escape plan if Trump wins?  Many have said they're moving to Canada or Mexico!  I'm in denial about it and just keep praying that America wakes up and goes to to vote on November 8, 2016 to keep HIM out.  But in reality it's very possible!  Very, very, SCARY.

Now it's questionable how many of you will really flee after the election.  But hey, with its close proximity Toronto looks like a feasible option for us New Yorkers!  There is a lot of buzz on Toronto lately.  I've never been, but Refinery29 claims they're killing the fashion street style scene.  Oh really?  Then of course musician slash actor Drake!  Dream man, for many.  To top it off with the arts the 2016 Toronto Film Festival hosted the world premier of Queen of Katwe, which I think is the most moving movie I've seen this year.  Many good things Toronto has its name behind!

Vogue cover girl Lupita Nyong'o & David Oyelowo star in the true story Queen of Katwe.  The cast, setting, and story is different from your cookie cutter Hollywood norm.  Beautiful in so many ways.  A feel good movie that I highly recommend, and is now playing in movie theatres in NYC for a limited time.  Go!  Your heart will be touched.  It's a way better idea then watching the debate tomorrow night!  HA.

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