I SPY: Relationship Goals

Oct 19, 2016

Are you the type that cleans their house before your cleaning lady comes?  Me to a T!  I'm also the type that before my annual physical I start to get healthy.  I know it is SO wrong.  But I have not been a good girl this year.  As you know I've been eating wayyyyy too much, and everyday ends up being a cheat day.  I just need to walk around with blinders on my eyes!  So my new compromise is I can have ONE cheat meal a day, and the rest healthy.  It's a start to healthy relationship goals don't cha think?!!

Ever had Rawberri in LA?  Besides that fabulous wallpaper, their acai bowls are yummy.  I've been on an acai kick before and use to make them at home if you remember from an old post.  I'm back on it again after LA.  I found that acai bowls were commonly found on menus all over California.  You know they're much more granola over there then us New Yorkers.  But New York is slowly catching on.  There are now a handful of places I know of that serve acai bowls.  But I'm picky about mine!  I like them icy and frothy.  Some places puree it too much and I don't like that mushy texture.  But Juice Generation makes them just right.

Bonus: If you head over to their Union Square location you'll also get an extra treat…eye candy.  Zero calories!

You know who's work of art that is?  Bradley Theodore.  I told you before he's all over this city! It's a good thing, because when there it defers my mind from thinking about the cookie I really want!  HA.  The struggle is real!

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