I SPY: Proverbs 423

Oct 14, 2016

Walking around NYC have you stumbled upon a Protect Yo Heart (PYH) stencil signature in your tracks?  They're all over our city sidewalks.  My run ins are always totally random, and every time I see one I have to snap a pic!  Here's one of my many.

Who is this man that blesses our streets while you are sleeping?  Uncuttart.  Follow him on Instagram and watch the movement he started in 2007.  His message derives from Proverbs 4:23.  A powerful quote, and hence why it is PYH 423.

Yesterday I got my very own!  I am a fan, I believe in his message, and I couldn't resist to get a painting.  Ironically the flags in this painting speaks to me on many levels because of my international background and all my travels.  So, it's a win, win.

Next score on my wish list….a I heart NY painting.  Coz I really do love this city.  You know I do!

All you art fiends jump on it now.  Prices are going up for sure.  Uncuttart is already gaining exposure in Oprah Magazine and Teen Vogue.  He is iconic to NYC, and money down I know he's going to be BIG.  I like the gamble, and I'm happy to sit and wait on the appreciation, as it adds color to my home with a daily reminder to…Protect Yo Heart.  Internationally!  HA.

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