I SPY: Party Of 5

Oct 5, 2016

We're back from Cali, with a new addition!  Que…what!?  We've adopted Bart Simpson!  HA.  My big guy won him at Universal Studios, and my lil' guy decided that this doll is human, and needs to go EVERYWHERE with us.  Get use to our modern family!

Did you realize it's another boy in my life?  Seriously.  All these unplanned additions, first the dog, then the stuff doll…and always BOYS.  Without fail!

Bart's inauguration was road trippin' with us through California for four days.  Day 1 began in Los Angeles at the Mondrian.

Chillin' by the pool.  Oh we were so hard on him!

Tug of war at the Paul Smith pink wall.

Brunch at Estrella, ordering the 'Rolling Stone'.  Poached egg, wrapped in avocado and bacon.

Trekked it down to Niland to check out the Salvation Mountain.

Moved in to the Parker in Palm Springs.

Then what were we thinking letting him tag along to Joshua Tree?

Poor Bart!  Although he went face first in a cactus bush and got thorns in his butt he survived.  HA.

Less risky after hours enlightenment at LACMA.

Free carousel ride back in NYC.

Knocked out at the back of an Uber.  The result of a red eye flight!

Always on the go, but he made it.  Welcome to the fam Bart!  Now we need to get an updated family portrait of our party of 5 including Eddy.

Catch it on Instagram at @ispybart where the saga will continue.  The master mind behind this entertaining nonsense is my 7 year old.  Follow him and Bart @ispybart to enjoy his creepy Waldo humor!

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