I SPY: The Panic Room

Oct 28, 2016

What calms you?  Ocean sounds, twinkle lights, nature…everything NYC is not known for!  But at the New Museum, Pipilotti Rist's video art and multimedia installations that just opened is a good escape from our city chaos.

Something magical about walking through a forest of lights, yes?  It's called the Pixel Forest.  There's no   cut out path way, so you choose your own path and meander freely through the string of lights that changes colors continuously.  It was a calming high, as were the nap stations with video projections on the ceiling and walls that encompasses and transports you to a different universe.

Thoughts on the underwear chandelier?  A new way to hang your laundry!  HA.

When in need of HELP, three floors to use as your panic room, safe haven, zone out area, or whatever you want to call it!  The beds and floor cushions invite you to chill and watch your worries wash away, so take advantage of the hypnotizing experience.  See how art evokes your emotions visually, sensually and physically.  The only thing missing was aromatherapy, but it was effective without.  On at the New Museum till January 15, 2017.  GO…great escape from the rain this weekend!

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