I SPY: My Boo's

Oct 13, 2016

Ready for Halloween?  I've felt like I'm the only house on the block not dressed for the occasion, and nor do my kids have their costumes yet.  Horror!  Seriously?  It's only the 2nd week of October.  Give me a break!

No chance of my lil' guy taking the pressure off though.  A stickler for keeping up with the Joneses.  Good and bad!  But the guilt forced me to get my butt in action and make use of our day off yesterday - Yom Kippur.

First stop the pumpkin patch.  What color pumpkins do you get?  I've always gotten orange.  But I decided to get all white ones this year.  Something different and they act great as a blank canvas to paint on.  Check it out...Pinterest inspired, I got down and dirty.  I really ain't that creative on my own!

Aren't my boo's cute?  Black and white, my favorite colors, with even a Yayoi Kusama polka dot number!  It was fun and nice to zone out, because while I was busy painting the kids decorated outside.  Surprisingly they did such a good job, used all my little knick knacks, put the zombies in the trees, and even came up with their own creative idea to write Boo on the pavement.  Happy to know that we've been doing this long enough they now know the drill.  Proud Mommy moment!  HA.

We look ready now!  Next stop costume hunting.  This is a bigger headache, and I don't even have girls!  Pray it's not ANOTHER Star Wars costume!  Please God no.  I'm so over that theme.  REALLY.

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