I SPY: Long Live The Queen

Oct 27, 2016

The name Bradley Theodore ring a bell?  Yes, because I've mentioned him twice in a month.  Obsessed?  I guess!  So for the third time, the artist crept up on me again with an invite in my inbox, for his exhibits closing party last night at ACA galleries.  I was there!

Obviously he's known for his art but don't you think his hair is iconic too?  Love it!  It matches his Caribbean personality too.  Island boy from Turks & Caicos, down to earth, chilled, and humble.  Really nice guy.  With equally really nice work.

This is a new canvas I didn't see before, that I'm swooning over and adding to my want list.  Long live the Queen!  I love the background of roses.  $25,000 and available.  Any interest?  I think I'll just wait for the postcard version!  HA.

My heart is really still with his Kate Moss piece, even though it's already sold.  But he leaked there is a new Kate Moss being revealed at Art Basel in Miami this December 2016.  Ooh, ahh...I can't wait to see!  Stay tuned.

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