I SPY: Lemonade

Oct 31, 2016

When life gives you lemons what do you do?  Hmm…become Beyonce!  Here I go channeling my alter ego.

You know her Lemonade music video 'Hold Up'?  Well instead of smashing cars, we were baseball World Series influenced and out back smashing lemons off our deck!  Are the neighbors  wondering why they have lemons in their back yard?  Oops, didn't know lemons could fly like that!  I'm blaming it on the kids!!  HA.

Even though it was a totally last minute throw on to be somebody famous for a Hollywood theme party, and I'm missing the signature crimped hair, don't under estimate a girl in heels with a bat.  She threw some shade!  Thanks to the dress for saving me.  Well...party over, that was my weekend vibes!

Today I behave!  It's my kiddos turn to go wild.  If you see this Jack Ass and Phantom up to no good don't call the cops.  They're my hooligans!  Send them home.  I got my bat to keep them in line!  HA.  Be merry, and watch out for 'em clowns…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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