I SPY: Larger Then Life Praise

Oct 24, 2016

Have you seen the KAWS: Where The End Starts reviews since last Thursday's opening?  As expected it's getting larger then life praise.  The turn out on opening day was absolutely nuts.  I saw a video on Twitter and it looked like a Yeezy release.  I told you so!  Hot Commodity.  The KAWS BFF black companion plush sold out in the first few hours of opening to the public.  I should of bought more!  But honestly I wasn't there to make a quick buck.  I was there for the art.  It was SPECTACTULAR.

What are you drawn to?  I love the nostalgia.  So many works I've never seen before…Fat Albert, Felix The Cat, Simpsons, Smurfs, Snoopy and Sponge Bob.  It evokes emotions, brings me life, and gives me flashbacks to my childhood.

As you know I've been a follower for years, and the last KAWS exhibit I caught was back in May when I was in the UK.  Never get tired of it, because each KAWS exhibit I've been to offers the same taste, but a different flavor.  To see these characters evolve is like watching kids in your family grow up, and with every exhibit you get excited to meet the new babies!

Hats off to KAWS.  It was a dope night, and a pleasure to finally meet the genius artist behind these fictional characters - Brian Donnelly  Look forward to what his creative mind brings us next…and BIG thank you to this girl for the hook up!

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