I SPY: The Kid Is Back

Oct 25, 2016

Last year I posted an amazing meal cooked by a 16 year old; remember Flynn?  Well he's now 17 years old and the kid is back running his Eureka pop up at Kava down in the Meatpacking for the next 6 months.  All you foodies need to make a reservation quick!

Did you have the pleasure to dine with him last year?  It was an 8 course meal.  Now it's a 13 course meal!  Getting bigger and better.  I don't need to emphasize how stuffed I was by the end, but the great thing is that it is mainly a vegetarian menu.  There was only 1 out of 13 dishes that was meat - Pheasant.

The menu has chained since my last seating.  However there were a few repeats.  Not complaining, and happy to taste them again.  My fave being the Ritz crackers filled with foie gras and quince chutney.  This time served in a brown paper lunch bag.  Love the novelty!

What do you do with your Ritz crackers?  It's TV dinner tonight.  The kids have begged for it to kick off the Knicks basketball season & baseball World Series.  On the menu is RITZ-wiches - bacon cheeseburgers.   +RITZ Crackers on Instagram made me do it!  Head over to their account for a gazillion ideas on what to make with their crackers.  The creativity goes above and beyond and you'll never look at a basic Ritz cracker the same!

Photo Credit: IG @ritzcrackers

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