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Oct 20, 2016

Now you see me, now you don't?  Accurate - My life moves at warp speed, and I'm over here now!  Impromptu invite made me fly down south into Dallas for the opening night of  KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS.  It opens today at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and is on exhibit till January 22, 2017.

These giant kids are always fun to hang with!  The exhibit was beyond amazing.  Largest KAWS collection I've ever seen and totally mesmerized.  I owe you photos tomorrow of my favorite pieces, once I edit and weed through a gazillion pics.  PROMISE.  But first...

The immediate hype, the new KAWS BFF black companion plush is out.  I was lucky to swag my own furry guy to bring home for $200.  But now see how much others are re-selling it on Ebay!  $1500.  CRAZY mark up, and I bet you it will be gone in a flash because they're such a hot commodity.

My new companion is cute, but is it really worth it?  For the KAWS fans definitely.  When we left the museum at Midnight the line was already starting to build up for those staying overnight for todays public opening to have first dibs at the gift store.  I don't lie.  Cray, cray!

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