I SPY: Dimples

Oct 26, 2016

You like dimples in cheeks on your face, but not dimples in your bu*t cheeks, right?  I already know the answer!  But catching up in age it is inevitable to stay clear of.  However, Ashley Black has invented the FasciaBlaster.

Heard about the craze?  How it works is that it breaks down the fat cells that lessens the look of cellulite.  The FasciaBlaster can also be used to body sculpt and treat muscle pain.  Check out the YouTube videos showing the method and results of many happy ladies!  My babysitter is one of them, and has been hooked on it for the last month.  I swear I see results and her legs look smoother!  REALLY, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered.  Just received my set of tools and coconut oil…let my 30 day challenge begin!  Let's blast together!!

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