I SPY: Lemonade

Oct 31, 2016

When life gives you lemons what do you do?  Hmm…become Beyonce!  Here I go channeling my alter ego.

You know her Lemonade music video 'Hold Up'?  Well instead of smashing cars, we were baseball World Series influenced and out back smashing lemons off our deck!  Are the neighbors  wondering why they have lemons in their back yard?  Oops, didn't know lemons could fly like that!  I'm blaming it on the kids!!  HA.

Even though it was a totally last minute throw on to be somebody famous for a Hollywood theme party, and I'm missing the signature crimped hair, don't under estimate a girl in heels with a bat.  She threw some shade!  Thanks to the dress for saving me.  Well...party over, that was my weekend vibes!

Today I behave!  It's my kiddos turn to go wild.  If you see this Jack Ass and Phantom up to no good don't call the cops.  They're my hooligans!  Send them home.  I got my bat to keep them in line!  HA.  Be merry, and watch out for 'em clowns…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I SPY: The Panic Room

Oct 28, 2016

What calms you?  Ocean sounds, twinkle lights, nature…everything NYC is not known for!  But at the New Museum, Pipilotti Rist's video art and multimedia installations that just opened is a good escape from our city chaos.

Something magical about walking through a forest of lights, yes?  It's called the Pixel Forest.  There's no   cut out path way, so you choose your own path and meander freely through the string of lights that changes colors continuously.  It was a calming high, as were the nap stations with video projections on the ceiling and walls that encompasses and transports you to a different universe.

Thoughts on the underwear chandelier?  A new way to hang your laundry!  HA.

When in need of HELP, three floors to use as your panic room, safe haven, zone out area, or whatever you want to call it!  The beds and floor cushions invite you to chill and watch your worries wash away, so take advantage of the hypnotizing experience.  See how art evokes your emotions visually, sensually and physically.  The only thing missing was aromatherapy, but it was effective without.  On at the New Museum till January 15, 2017.  GO…great escape from the rain this weekend!

I SPY: Long Live The Queen

Oct 27, 2016

The name Bradley Theodore ring a bell?  Yes, because I've mentioned him twice in a month.  Obsessed?  I guess!  So for the third time, the artist crept up on me again with an invite in my inbox, for his exhibits closing party last night at ACA galleries.  I was there!

Obviously he's known for his art but don't you think his hair is iconic too?  Love it!  It matches his Caribbean personality too.  Island boy from Turks & Caicos, down to earth, chilled, and humble.  Really nice guy.  With equally really nice work.

This is a new canvas I didn't see before, that I'm swooning over and adding to my want list.  Long live the Queen!  I love the background of roses.  $25,000 and available.  Any interest?  I think I'll just wait for the postcard version!  HA.

My heart is really still with his Kate Moss piece, even though it's already sold.  But he leaked there is a new Kate Moss being revealed at Art Basel in Miami this December 2016.  Ooh, ahh...I can't wait to see!  Stay tuned.

I SPY: Dimples

Oct 26, 2016

You like dimples in cheeks on your face, but not dimples in your bu*t cheeks, right?  I already know the answer!  But catching up in age it is inevitable to stay clear of.  However, Ashley Black has invented the FasciaBlaster.

Heard about the craze?  How it works is that it breaks down the fat cells that lessens the look of cellulite.  The FasciaBlaster can also be used to body sculpt and treat muscle pain.  Check out the YouTube videos showing the method and results of many happy ladies!  My babysitter is one of them, and has been hooked on it for the last month.  I swear I see results and her legs look smoother!  REALLY, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered.  Just received my set of tools and coconut oil…let my 30 day challenge begin!  Let's blast together!!

I SPY: The Kid Is Back

Oct 25, 2016

Last year I posted an amazing meal cooked by a 16 year old; remember Flynn?  Well he's now 17 years old and the kid is back running his Eureka pop up at Kava down in the Meatpacking for the next 6 months.  All you foodies need to make a reservation quick!

Did you have the pleasure to dine with him last year?  It was an 8 course meal.  Now it's a 13 course meal!  Getting bigger and better.  I don't need to emphasize how stuffed I was by the end, but the great thing is that it is mainly a vegetarian menu.  There was only 1 out of 13 dishes that was meat - Pheasant.

The menu has chained since my last seating.  However there were a few repeats.  Not complaining, and happy to taste them again.  My fave being the Ritz crackers filled with foie gras and quince chutney.  This time served in a brown paper lunch bag.  Love the novelty!

What do you do with your Ritz crackers?  It's TV dinner tonight.  The kids have begged for it to kick off the Knicks basketball season & baseball World Series.  On the menu is RITZ-wiches - bacon cheeseburgers.   +RITZ Crackers on Instagram made me do it!  Head over to their account for a gazillion ideas on what to make with their crackers.  The creativity goes above and beyond and you'll never look at a basic Ritz cracker the same!

Photo Credit: IG @ritzcrackers

I SPY: Larger Then Life Praise

Oct 24, 2016

Have you seen the KAWS: Where The End Starts reviews since last Thursday's opening?  As expected it's getting larger then life praise.  The turn out on opening day was absolutely nuts.  I saw a video on Twitter and it looked like a Yeezy release.  I told you so!  Hot Commodity.  The KAWS BFF black companion plush sold out in the first few hours of opening to the public.  I should of bought more!  But honestly I wasn't there to make a quick buck.  I was there for the art.  It was SPECTACTULAR.

What are you drawn to?  I love the nostalgia.  So many works I've never seen before…Fat Albert, Felix The Cat, Simpsons, Smurfs, Snoopy and Sponge Bob.  It evokes emotions, brings me life, and gives me flashbacks to my childhood.

As you know I've been a follower for years, and the last KAWS exhibit I caught was back in May when I was in the UK.  Never get tired of it, because each KAWS exhibit I've been to offers the same taste, but a different flavor.  To see these characters evolve is like watching kids in your family grow up, and with every exhibit you get excited to meet the new babies!

Hats off to KAWS.  It was a dope night, and a pleasure to finally meet the genius artist behind these fictional characters - Brian Donnelly  Look forward to what his creative mind brings us next…and BIG thank you to this girl for the hook up!

I SPY: Hot Commodity

Oct 20, 2016

Now you see me, now you don't?  Accurate - My life moves at warp speed, and I'm over here now!  Impromptu invite made me fly down south into Dallas for the opening night of  KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS.  It opens today at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and is on exhibit till January 22, 2017.

These giant kids are always fun to hang with!  The exhibit was beyond amazing.  Largest KAWS collection I've ever seen and totally mesmerized.  I owe you photos tomorrow of my favorite pieces, once I edit and weed through a gazillion pics.  PROMISE.  But first...

The immediate hype, the new KAWS BFF black companion plush is out.  I was lucky to swag my own furry guy to bring home for $200.  But now see how much others are re-selling it on Ebay!  $1500.  CRAZY mark up, and I bet you it will be gone in a flash because they're such a hot commodity.

My new companion is cute, but is it really worth it?  For the KAWS fans definitely.  When we left the museum at Midnight the line was already starting to build up for those staying overnight for todays public opening to have first dibs at the gift store.  I don't lie.  Cray, cray!

I SPY: Relationship Goals

Oct 19, 2016

Are you the type that cleans their house before your cleaning lady comes?  Me to a T!  I'm also the type that before my annual physical I start to get healthy.  I know it is SO wrong.  But I have not been a good girl this year.  As you know I've been eating wayyyyy too much, and everyday ends up being a cheat day.  I just need to walk around with blinders on my eyes!  So my new compromise is I can have ONE cheat meal a day, and the rest healthy.  It's a start to healthy relationship goals don't cha think?!!

Ever had Rawberri in LA?  Besides that fabulous wallpaper, their acai bowls are yummy.  I've been on an acai kick before and use to make them at home if you remember from an old post.  I'm back on it again after LA.  I found that acai bowls were commonly found on menus all over California.  You know they're much more granola over there then us New Yorkers.  But New York is slowly catching on.  There are now a handful of places I know of that serve acai bowls.  But I'm picky about mine!  I like them icy and frothy.  Some places puree it too much and I don't like that mushy texture.  But Juice Generation makes them just right.

Bonus: If you head over to their Union Square location you'll also get an extra treat…eye candy.  Zero calories!

You know who's work of art that is?  Bradley Theodore.  I told you before he's all over this city! It's a good thing, because when there it defers my mind from thinking about the cookie I really want!  HA.  The struggle is real!

I SPY: Vogue Cover Girl

Oct 18, 2016

Got your escape plan if Trump wins?  Many have said they're moving to Canada or Mexico!  I'm in denial about it and just keep praying that America wakes up and goes to to vote on November 8, 2016 to keep HIM out.  But in reality it's very possible!  Very, very, SCARY.

Now it's questionable how many of you will really flee after the election.  But hey, with its close proximity Toronto looks like a feasible option for us New Yorkers!  There is a lot of buzz on Toronto lately.  I've never been, but Refinery29 claims they're killing the fashion street style scene.  Oh really?  Then of course musician slash actor Drake!  Dream man, for many.  To top it off with the arts the 2016 Toronto Film Festival hosted the world premier of Queen of Katwe, which I think is the most moving movie I've seen this year.  Many good things Toronto has its name behind!

Vogue cover girl Lupita Nyong'o & David Oyelowo star in the true story Queen of Katwe.  The cast, setting, and story is different from your cookie cutter Hollywood norm.  Beautiful in so many ways.  A feel good movie that I highly recommend, and is now playing in movie theatres in NYC for a limited time.  Go!  Your heart will be touched.  It's a way better idea then watching the debate tomorrow night!  HA.
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