I SPY: The Streets Of Philly

Sep 7, 2016

Confession?  Hi, I'm Farah, and I have an addiction to walls!  MURALS.  Just had to put that out there for any newbies to the blog who don't already know!  It's a long time obsession, and you either hate it or love it.

'Common Threads' - by Meg Saligman - Broad & Spring Garden Street 
Is it the size?  Is it the labor of love?  Is it the story behind it?  EVERYTHING.  Not only do murals add color and life to what could be an otherwise dim neighborhood, but they generally speak what the community serves.  Through art unheard voices can be expressed and represent what's important for them.  It's a beautiful thing.

'Start From Here' - by Isaac Tin Wei Lin - Race & Clarion Street

I was in Philadelphia for Labor Day weekend, and discovered it's the mural capitol of the world.  I repeat…THE WORLD.  Drool!

'We The Youth' - by Keith Haring - 2149 Ellsworth Street

The Mural Arts Program alone has produced more then 3600 murals.  On top of that you have a gazillion other independent artist murals that have added to the city's collection.  You get the picture?  Yup, the streets of Philly are flooded with murals y'all!

'The Stamp Of Incarceration: Amira Mohamed' - by Shepard Fairey - 15th & Race Street

If you are also obsessed with this I recommend you do a mural tour when in Philly.  It's very informative and you can learn a lot.  I did the trolley tour.  But skip it and do the walking tour instead.  The trolley moves too fast, doesn't let you off and doesn't give you time to stop, admire, and snap photos.  There's just too much detail to swallow in a drive by!  But I did get an earful of information that makes me now have even greater respect for these artist, the history and the Mural Arts Program mission.

'Independence Starts Here' - by Donald Gensler - Broad & Race Street

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