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Sep 22, 2016

Remember my summer bucket list?  1st one on the list got checked off on June 24 when we kicked off Summer 2016.  I couldn't believe I found a slice of Provence, France only 2.5 hours away from us in Long Island!

Have you walked in fields of Lavender before?  If not, you must see it and smell it to believe it.  Tres Magnifique!  Save the date and mark your calendars now to give you a reminder in early June 2017 to check Lavender By The Bay's schedule.  The easiest way is to follow them on social media like Facebook or on Instagram @lavenderbythebay where they regularly keep the public updated when crops are blooming and going to be harvested.  It's a small window that only lasts a few weeks, so jump on it when it happens.

PS. Me lounging in the fields was probably not a clever thing.  I got Lyme disease that trip!  It's a 2% chance to catch, so please don't get turned off.  It's just my bad luck, because the rest of my crew came home untouched!  But I was lucky that I found the tick on me and treated it early before any side effects occurred.  However, the danger is that most people don't realize that they've been bit, because they get bit in a non visible place like the back of your neck or on your scalp.  It does not itch, nor swell, you just see a large bulls eye mark.  Point being, spray deet on before you go as an extra precaution.  Not a guarantee, but still better then nothing to keep the bugs at bay.

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