I SPY: Rise Up

Sep 19, 2016

For the longest time the Empire State Building use to be the tallest skyscraper in NYC…but now?  The Freedom Tower a.k.a One World Trade Center has surpassed the new record.  It soars 102 floors high at 1776 feet.  Tallest building in the USA and the sixth tallest in the world.  Bragging rights!  HA.

Been up there?  Our new tourist trap!  With relation to 9/11, ground zero and the memorial site it is a significant landmark in our city.  Last week we commemorated the 15 year anniversary of the fallen, so it seemed fitting to take my kids up, reflect, learn and enjoy the views.

Although the views were amazing, I was most impressed by the ride up to the observation deck.  I don't want to completely ruin the surprise for you, but the 47 second elevator ride is a treat.  You get a 515 year history lesson in a flash!  Once at the top they show you a short movie, and the unveiling at the end had many of us squealing in excitement.  Sounds silly, but it was WOW.  You'll understand if you go.  My lips are sealed!

iPads are available for $15 with an interactive program providing the city history and labeling the landmarks in view.  The kids loved it and it kept them occupied whilst waiting for the sunset.

I purchased the sunset flex tickets.  The priority entry included in package to skip the line was well worth it.  The regular line was crazy long.  But the sunset that night was not that spectacular to watch.  I've seen better!  However it was a pleasure to see the concrete jungle in natural day light and then catch it transform to night lights.

Fun fact…Freedom Tower was designed purposely to be 1776 feet high to mark the Declaration of Independence America signed on July 4, 1776.  Did you know?  Learn something new everyday!  Rise up.  GO.

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