I SPY: The Rib Cage

Sep 21, 2016

Adam gave a rib that made Eve, and who gave a rib to build the Oculus?  Architect Santiago Calatrava.  A true genius.  Reminded me of Antoni Gaudi structures I saw in Barcelona, Spain.  Heaven!

Have you seen this amazing structure built by architect Santiago Calatrava?  The Oculus opened this past summer 2016 and is World Trade Centers transportation hub slash home to Westfield mall.  A 4 million dollar construction.  WOW.  When did mall's become fine art?

Grand Central Terminal has competition!  Millions of visitors walk through my train station never to catch a train but to just admire.  It annoys the heck out of me when I'm running to catch my train and they're standing in the way taking photos.  But I just did the same at the Oculus!  Sorry not sorry rushing commuters.  I was so fixated on the rib cage ceiling, never mind the people, but I even lost interest in the shops surrounding me.  How can you not be distracted?

That's ok.  When it gets cold out and I need an indoor playground I'll be back to do some retail damage!  Check it out, on all levels...it's a modern gem.

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