I SPY: Magic Gardens

Sep 9, 2016

How 'bout one last gem to lure you to Philly?  The Philadelphia Magic Gardens.  Coz I'm also a girl who obsesses over tile, and naturally all this mosaic of half a blocks worth had me feeling like a kid in a candy store!

Who's the boss?  Designed by the mosaic master Isaiah Zagar, whom happened to be hanging out at the Magic Gardens that day and we had the pleasure of meeting.  Tagging along with him was his grey standard poodle that walks around on no leash and was showing Eddy who is the real boss!  HA.

Beyond basic tile, glass bottles, bicycle wheels, and a buddha were some other unique touches we caught.  Amazing details and workmanship.

The postcards you see my kids holding was part of the scavenger hunt they were sent on.  Ask about it when you go.  It's fun!

Have I convinced you to visit Philly yet?  So much artsy fartsy eye candy in that city.  Two days just wasn't enough!  Left still hungry, and got to go back.  It's a 2.5 hour drive.  A no brainer for a weekend trip from NYC!  REALLY.

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