I SPY: Insult To Our Intelligence

Sep 27, 2016

You watched the debate last night?  Hillary vs. Trump.  I feel like this election is making us all look like a bunch of idiots.  It really comes down to choose dumb or dumber!  In order to keep Trump out, I have to vote for her?  UGH.  Quite an insult to our intelligence!

It's such a historical election that even my sons 7th grade Social Studies teacher asked the kids to watch the debate last night as their homework.  He's still young and can't understand the context in full, but he did pick up on the sh*t show!

If only this man was still Bern - ing.  I liked him.  He brought a different approach to the table.  Change scares people.  But I believe change is good.  We need to start all over and become united.  Too many lies, bull$#it, and angry people not trusting, listening and willing to compromise.  We're in this together people!  Love thy neighbor and restore PEACE on earth.  Choose wisely come November 8.  VOTE.

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