I SPY: Happy 2016/17

Sep 6, 2016

Hey strangers!  What you been up to this summer?  Time to play catch up.  But tomorrow; not today.  We've got a busy day ahead!  First day of school for these two.  Happy 2016/17…7th and 2nd grade here they come!

Have they grown much?  Check out last years annual tradition photo op.  They have shot up, especially my big guy.  AHHH.  I can deal with the 2nd grader because thats not foreign to me.  But the 7th grader I struggle with!  It's a whole new world.  The kid is taller then me, his voice is cracking, puberty has kicked in, girls are texting, the list goes on.  HELP.  Parenting has never been any harder!  I am welcoming tips, or even volunteers to help me to co - parent if you wish?!?  HA.

P.S.  For those loving this emoji wall you can find it down in SOHO at 15 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012.

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