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Sep 12, 2016

Remember 29 Rooms last year?  Nah, neither do I!  HA.  I just remember catching it after the fact on Instagram and hating that I missed the party.  Well I marked my calendar and made sure I was there this year.

A lot of interactive art installation pop ups these days, huh?  It is the hype in New York.  Just in the last year we've had the Museum of Feelings, Museum of Ice Cream, and Martin Creed to name a few of my favorites.  All offered a different vibe, but triggered your sensory mode like child's play.  Ball pits, balloons, lights, sounds…this was ALL happening over this past weekend at 29 Rooms by Refinery 29 in lieu of fashion week.

Did you catch it?  It was up only for the weekend unfortunately.  As the name implies it was 29 rooms of fun in collaboration with various known labels and designers.  Art, cinema, fashion and technology installations all under one roof.  To give you a taste these were some of my faves.

Room #5 - WIG OUT:
In collaboration with Ru Paul.  A room with different wigs to try on.  Made really fun photos!

Room #6 - JUST DANCE:
In collaboration with Tinashe & Phhhoto.  A silent disco. Headphones were given with club music blasting, and the dance floor was responsive to your movement.

Room #13 - GURLS TALK:
In collaboration with Adwoa Aboah.  A chandelier of dangling phones.  Some phones you could hear somebody on the other side talking.  A little creepy but cool!

In collaboration with Hillary for America.  A wall made of post it notes where you can write messages that spell out the words.

In partnership with Perrier.  A balloon room with ping pong balls passed out to write massages of what makes you extraordinary and then to toss in the pool.  Plus a refreshing sample of their Perrier Green Apple flavor, which the pools green color was reflecting.

Room #17 - PANDA - MONIUM:
In collaboration with Nicola Formichetti.  Panda fever.  A ball pit everyone was dying to jump into!

In collaboration with Charlotte Simone.  Fur scarves hung on the walls screaming to be draped on and the mandatory fabulous selfie snapped!  The power of fur.

In collaboration with Kate Moross.  Love wins, and everybody loves a rainbow room to pose in.

It felt good to be a child again!  Pumped to go next year?  It's on yearly for New York Fashion Week.  Mark your calendars for early September 2017 and get in on the fun at 29 Rooms.  Adults are allowed to play too!

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