I SPY: Cali - Bound

Sep 30, 2016

We're off to see the wizards, the wonderful wizards of…?  Not Oz!

The palm trees give you a hint?  YUP.  Cali - bound for Rosh Hashanah weekend!  Fill you in our adventure next week.  Have a lovely weekend where ever you may be!

I SPY: Sneak-ing Out

Sep 29, 2016

How hard is it to find white sneakers?  VERY.  I'm picky.  I want them anonymous with no logo.  They got to be slim cut so I don't look like I have duck feet, and they got to be a little different but still classic.  Harder then it looks!

Like these?  Yup, like my old ones.  The ones I lived in all year and followed me around the world.  My #1's.  White perforated sneakers.  Well they're grey now!  Filthy.  I desperately need a new pair of clean whites.  But I've had no luck, so I'm sneak-ing out till I find alternatives.

Bam!  White loafers and Gogo boots.  I need to emphasize the color WHITE.  They're trending.  They're mod.  They give a pop of color to your otherwise dark fall and winter wardrobe.  Try it!  Even if it's white sneakers, do it.  It's fresh and will put a spin on your look.  White is the new black.

I SPY: Doggy Style

Sep 28, 2016

Guess who's of legal age to drink?  Mister Ed.  HA.  He turned 3 yesterday…21 years old in dog years.  Lets party dawgs!

You guessed the party theme?  YUP.  It's his Mets starter pack, a la doggy style!  You know which bro is the obsessed Mets fan who picked out this gift?  That lil' slugger.

Did you also know that you can bring dogs to the ballpark for certain games?  I just learned about it this summer.  Well now that Eddy is geared up we got to get him a ticket the next time!  Not just to show off our best accessory, but it's also for a good cause that benefits our local rescue shelters.  To find out more information about dog friendly baseball games read this.  Woof…Let's Go Mets!

I SPY: Insult To Our Intelligence

Sep 27, 2016

You watched the debate last night?  Hillary vs. Trump.  I feel like this election is making us all look like a bunch of idiots.  It really comes down to choose dumb or dumber!  In order to keep Trump out, I have to vote for her?  UGH.  Quite an insult to our intelligence!

It's such a historical election that even my sons 7th grade Social Studies teacher asked the kids to watch the debate last night as their homework.  He's still young and can't understand the context in full, but he did pick up on the sh*t show!

If only this man was still Bern - ing.  I liked him.  He brought a different approach to the table.  Change scares people.  But I believe change is good.  We need to start all over and become united.  Too many lies, bull$#it, and angry people not trusting, listening and willing to compromise.  We're in this together people!  Love thy neighbor and restore PEACE on earth.  Choose wisely come November 8.  VOTE.

I SPY: Out Of Office

Sep 26, 2016

Who hates using sick days for when your really sick?  For real!  My kind of out of office is me on vacay!

The vacation I'm currently taking is in bed!  Caught the cooties from the kiddos and been flat out all weekend.  The motherboard crashed.  Hope to be back up and running soon!

I SPY: Holy Cannoli

Sep 23, 2016

Wanna stuff your face this weekend?  The San Gennaro food festival down in Little Italy, NYC ends this Sunday, September 25, 2016.  It's their 90th annual feast, and yes I'm there every year because it's worth a guilty pleasure!

Holy cannoli is right!  Sausage with peppers, zeppoles, braciole, cannolis, seafood, pasta, pizza, gelato, balls of all sorts…what else you want?  They got it all!  The best of Nonna's secrets made for the public.  It's on once a year, so fuel up!  Psst…those cannolis are good to go home too.  Just sayin'!  HA.

The Feast of San Gennaro
Mulberry Street (between Canal & Houston Streets)
Hours: 11:30am to Midnight

I SPY: Save The Date

Sep 22, 2016

Remember my summer bucket list?  1st one on the list got checked off on June 24 when we kicked off Summer 2016.  I couldn't believe I found a slice of Provence, France only 2.5 hours away from us in Long Island!

Have you walked in fields of Lavender before?  If not, you must see it and smell it to believe it.  Tres Magnifique!  Save the date and mark your calendars now to give you a reminder in early June 2017 to check Lavender By The Bay's schedule.  The easiest way is to follow them on social media like Facebook or on Instagram @lavenderbythebay where they regularly keep the public updated when crops are blooming and going to be harvested.  It's a small window that only lasts a few weeks, so jump on it when it happens.

PS. Me lounging in the fields was probably not a clever thing.  I got Lyme disease that trip!  It's a 2% chance to catch, so please don't get turned off.  It's just my bad luck, because the rest of my crew came home untouched!  But I was lucky that I found the tick on me and treated it early before any side effects occurred.  However, the danger is that most people don't realize that they've been bit, because they get bit in a non visible place like the back of your neck or on your scalp.  It does not itch, nor swell, you just see a large bulls eye mark.  Point being, spray deet on before you go as an extra precaution.  Not a guarantee, but still better then nothing to keep the bugs at bay.

I SPY: The Rib Cage

Sep 21, 2016

Adam gave a rib that made Eve, and who gave a rib to build the Oculus?  Architect Santiago Calatrava.  A true genius.  Reminded me of Antoni Gaudi structures I saw in Barcelona, Spain.  Heaven!

Have you seen this amazing structure built by architect Santiago Calatrava?  The Oculus opened this past summer 2016 and is World Trade Centers transportation hub slash home to Westfield mall.  A 4 million dollar construction.  WOW.  When did mall's become fine art?

Grand Central Terminal has competition!  Millions of visitors walk through my train station never to catch a train but to just admire.  It annoys the heck out of me when I'm running to catch my train and they're standing in the way taking photos.  But I just did the same at the Oculus!  Sorry not sorry rushing commuters.  I was so fixated on the rib cage ceiling, never mind the people, but I even lost interest in the shops surrounding me.  How can you not be distracted?

That's ok.  When it gets cold out and I need an indoor playground I'll be back to do some retail damage!  Check it out, on all levels...it's a modern gem.

I SPY: In Vogue

Sep 20, 2016

Who you stalking?  My new study is Bradley Theodore.  The in vogue man I keep running into from Turks & Caicos!  HIs works of art are decorating prime real estate space all over NYC.  Saw his works first at Dream Downtown.  Then at the US Open.  Again last week walking by Soho House on Ludlow street.  All by coincidence just in a span of one month!  So I got curious, looked him up and found out about the gallery opening for his first solo exhibition in NYC.  Obviously had to go!  DUH.

Love his distinct style and want one of his pieces.  Out of my budget though!  HA.  For now I will have to surpass with my freebie postcard of the face off between Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour.

Karl and Anna Face Off

Does his anatomy style give you a Frida Kahlo ring?  It's not standard beauty.  But makes you look twice, and the pop of color takes away from the darkness of the imagery.  This is his interpretation of Frida Kahlo.

Frida Feeling Freedom

But what I really love is his revivals of stock images you've commonly seen of classic icons.  You know these don't you?

Young President II

For The Love of Kate 2
Ahh, what I would do to have his Kate Moss piece.  She's my girl!  But…SOLD.  Keep following him, I'm sure there will be more candy coming soon.  Till then you can enjoy his works on display at ACA Galleries till October 29, 2016.

I SPY: Rise Up

Sep 19, 2016

For the longest time the Empire State Building use to be the tallest skyscraper in NYC…but now?  The Freedom Tower a.k.a One World Trade Center has surpassed the new record.  It soars 102 floors high at 1776 feet.  Tallest building in the USA and the sixth tallest in the world.  Bragging rights!  HA.

Been up there?  Our new tourist trap!  With relation to 9/11, ground zero and the memorial site it is a significant landmark in our city.  Last week we commemorated the 15 year anniversary of the fallen, so it seemed fitting to take my kids up, reflect, learn and enjoy the views.

Although the views were amazing, I was most impressed by the ride up to the observation deck.  I don't want to completely ruin the surprise for you, but the 47 second elevator ride is a treat.  You get a 515 year history lesson in a flash!  Once at the top they show you a short movie, and the unveiling at the end had many of us squealing in excitement.  Sounds silly, but it was WOW.  You'll understand if you go.  My lips are sealed!

iPads are available for $15 with an interactive program providing the city history and labeling the landmarks in view.  The kids loved it and it kept them occupied whilst waiting for the sunset.

I purchased the sunset flex tickets.  The priority entry included in package to skip the line was well worth it.  The regular line was crazy long.  But the sunset that night was not that spectacular to watch.  I've seen better!  However it was a pleasure to see the concrete jungle in natural day light and then catch it transform to night lights.

Fun fact…Freedom Tower was designed purposely to be 1776 feet high to mark the Declaration of Independence America signed on July 4, 1776.  Did you know?  Learn something new everyday!  Rise up.  GO.

I SPY: A Sweet Note

Sep 16, 2016

Who's off to Europe?  Not me!  But the fashion week crowd is wrapping it up and moving on out there.  Goodbye!  My job is done and I'm happy to say…I survived NYFW 2016!!!  Now where's my treat?

How fun is this packaging?  My signature wink girl has branched out.  Laduree macaroons has collaborated with designer Chiara Ferragni a.k.a The Blonde Salad, in lieu of fashion week.  Sold as a package of 6 scrumptious macaroons per box.  You pick and choose your own flavors.  Try the pink 'Blonde Salad' strawberry-vanilla special flavor.  YUM.  Limited special on till the end of September or when they sell out of the designer boxes.

Ending my week on a sweet note.  How about you?  Treat yo' self…it's Fri - YAY y'all!

Laduree Soho
398 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012
T: 646. 392.7868

I SPY: Military Drill

Sep 15, 2016

Have you been shopping lately?  Did you get any camo, or military detail duds?  Fall's fashion is all about that ladies!  I'm excited to be doing the military drill and got my hands on a fab coat from Mango.

Don't you love the red piping and gold buttons?  I think my steal is prettier then Burberry, Gucci or Saint Laurent's very similar styles.  $299 not $2999…grab it now before the rest of the fashionistas catch on!

I SPY: Off The Strip

Sep 14, 2016

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?  But this is G rated and has to be shared for any of you passing through.  I discovered there is life off the strip!  HA.

Looks like a modern version of Stonehenge doesn't it?  Seven Magic Mountains was designed by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.   His seven rainbow painted limestone stacked boulders stand alone in an empty desert, soaring 30 feet high.  You can spy it a mile away driving along I-15, because it is so different from it's surroundings.  It's an eye sore in a good way!

It rocked!  Was there this summer 2016.  The exhibit just opened in May 2016, and is scheduled to be up for the next two years.  If your in the area check it out.  It's something different from the usual faux, kitschy Vegas sights.  Plus, it's only half an hour away from the main strip.  Easy detour if you need a break from the casino and night life.  Viva Las Vegas!

I SPY: Polka Fever

Sep 13, 2016

Who's trademark is pumpkins and polka dots?  Yayoi Kusama.  She is one of the most influential and popular modernist artist living today.  You've heard me talk about her before, because in the past year I've been to three of her exhibits.  I've definitely got polka fever!

Her latest exhibit is at The Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut.  It's only on till the end of the month, and I heard tickets for tours are already sold out.  SORRY.  Maybe you can swag tickets on Craigslist?  Good luck!  If not you can live through my visit last week.

Have you been to The Glass House before?  I was there a couple of years ago, and even without the Yayoi Kusama decoration it is still a worthwhile visit.  It's amazingly beautiful on its own.  Although it was interesting to see it in a different way, and see the polka dots multiply casting shadows on the floor and glass…I honestly enjoy the house more when it's clean without the fuss.  Look at my past post and compare.  Which do you prefer?    

I SPY: Child's Play

Sep 12, 2016

Remember 29 Rooms last year?  Nah, neither do I!  HA.  I just remember catching it after the fact on Instagram and hating that I missed the party.  Well I marked my calendar and made sure I was there this year.

A lot of interactive art installation pop ups these days, huh?  It is the hype in New York.  Just in the last year we've had the Museum of Feelings, Museum of Ice Cream, and Martin Creed to name a few of my favorites.  All offered a different vibe, but triggered your sensory mode like child's play.  Ball pits, balloons, lights, sounds…this was ALL happening over this past weekend at 29 Rooms by Refinery 29 in lieu of fashion week.

Did you catch it?  It was up only for the weekend unfortunately.  As the name implies it was 29 rooms of fun in collaboration with various known labels and designers.  Art, cinema, fashion and technology installations all under one roof.  To give you a taste these were some of my faves.

Room #5 - WIG OUT:
In collaboration with Ru Paul.  A room with different wigs to try on.  Made really fun photos!

Room #6 - JUST DANCE:
In collaboration with Tinashe & Phhhoto.  A silent disco. Headphones were given with club music blasting, and the dance floor was responsive to your movement.

Room #13 - GURLS TALK:
In collaboration with Adwoa Aboah.  A chandelier of dangling phones.  Some phones you could hear somebody on the other side talking.  A little creepy but cool!

In collaboration with Hillary for America.  A wall made of post it notes where you can write messages that spell out the words.

In partnership with Perrier.  A balloon room with ping pong balls passed out to write massages of what makes you extraordinary and then to toss in the pool.  Plus a refreshing sample of their Perrier Green Apple flavor, which the pools green color was reflecting.

Room #17 - PANDA - MONIUM:
In collaboration with Nicola Formichetti.  Panda fever.  A ball pit everyone was dying to jump into!

In collaboration with Charlotte Simone.  Fur scarves hung on the walls screaming to be draped on and the mandatory fabulous selfie snapped!  The power of fur.

In collaboration with Kate Moross.  Love wins, and everybody loves a rainbow room to pose in.

It felt good to be a child again!  Pumped to go next year?  It's on yearly for New York Fashion Week.  Mark your calendars for early September 2017 and get in on the fun at 29 Rooms.  Adults are allowed to play too!
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