I SPY: Testing My Limits

Jun 6, 2016

What do you do with big kids?  It's getting to a point where I don't really know how to entertain a tween, that doesn't involve a price tag or an electronic.  Too old for playgrounds, but too young for the club!  So what's the in between?

Manor Park by chance happened to be a win over the weekend.  My boys are still as energetic as ever and love climbing.  They must've been Spider Man in their last life.  HA.  I know, I know, this rock climbing isn't particularly safe, but they were so well entertained.  We made a mini parkour obstacle course to kill some time after lunch before heading to a birthday party!

Then at the end we did the ultimate challenge.  Planking between trees.  My abs still hurt!  PARKOUR.  They're favorite word!  Who's stupid idea was that?  And in a dress!  HA.

Who said it gets easier as kids grow up?  LIARS.  They definitely were testing my limits that day!  Not only does it get emotionally more challenging but also physically.  Eddy and I need to whip our butts in shape to keep up with these two in boot camp!  The good in this is that they're keeping me young.

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