I SPY: Sun's Out, Bun's Out

Jun 1, 2016

Hey Kids, do you know what time it is?  It's summer time!  WOO HOO.  Goodbye jackets, hello beach…we've missed you dearly!

Ok this ain't Hawaii nor anything remotely close to being exotic.  But it's HOME, and only 15 minutes away from us.  An automatic mood changer to feel that ocean breeze, have sand under your feet, and the freedom to let your kids run loose.

This is Tod's Point in Old Greenwich, CT.  It was our first time yesterday, and will not be our last!  It's a little further North then where we usually chill, and a little trickier to get on to.  But worth the extra money and hassle to have less crowds and wide open space to ourselves, where the kids can throw a ball and you don't have to worry about any casualties or law suits!

If your interested to visit and not a Greenwich resident you need to get a day pass ($7 each) and a car permit ($35) to park your car on the property prior to heading to Tod's Point beach.  You can easily get this from the Town Hall center, Monday thru Friday only, located at 90 Harding Road, Old Greenwich, CT 06870.  Call in advance if you need more info on acquiring passes T: (203) 622.7700.  Credit cards are accepted.

There is a concession stand serving the kids faves, and even less greasy noms such as my chicken souvlaki wrap.  Cash only.  So bring some dough!

Only down sides, is that the water is freezing.  However, my kids are Polar Bears so aren't bothered by that!  Plus we live on the sound side that has no waves.  That actually is my blessing in disguise because I don't have to worry about the kids being in the water and getting crashed by a wave or pulled out to sea.  This way it is easy breezy, and I can watch from a far in peace.

We had a great time ending the kids Memorial Day weekend vacay on a high note.  Happy kids equal happy Mama.  I can't complain!

We even left with awesome souvenirs!  A metallic silver and gold - ish shell.  Pretty cool right?

So guys…sun's out, bun's out!  Throw on that heavy duty SPF sunblock and get out and enjoy the summer, before it zooms by.  My lil' guy definitely understands prime view, based on the spot he dug out for himself.  HA.  Cheer's to a wonderful summer everyone!

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