I SPY: Summer Play List

Jun 23, 2016

Happy?  Today is my boys last day of school and we are OUT.  Oh yeah!!!  Believe me I'm equally as excited.  Done packing lunch bags, done waking up to an alarm clock, done with homework, done schlepping to activities…DONE.

So what's on your summer play list?  We've got a few trips lined up.  Our ultimate vacation to Spain in August.  Vegas and Texas are also in the plan, and maybe a Canada road trip?  We will play that by ear.  But I've also got a hit list for our neck of the woods, in and around NYC.

1. LAVENDER BY THE BAY - Never knew we grew Lavender in New York!  Why go to Provence, France when we can drive 2.5 hours to see fields of purple?  Check website for blooming updates so you can catch it before harvest.

2. AFRO PUNK FEST - Cooler then Coachella.  Or so I think!  The fashion especially.  Coachella has been heavily advertised, and I've become immune to the look.  But I saw photos from this music festival last year and thought WOW this is a different vibe.  Plus it saves me a cross country plane ticket!

3. DINER EN BLANC - The ultimate white party.  A concept initiated in Paris 30 years ago.  Top secret location until the very last minute.  You know I love this kind of suspense!

4. ONE WORLD OBSERVATORY - Top of One World Trade Center that opened up last year.  I want to catch sunset over looking NYC.  Think it will be surreal, and hopefully not scary being in a glass box.

5. PHILADELPHIA'S MAGIC GARDEN - Half a block of endless mosaic in a museum with outdoor and indoor installations.  Just because I have this thing with walls, floors and tile!

6. DIA BEACON - Art lovers paradise.  I keep saying I want to go, and this time I better!

7. US OPEN - It's a given that I would watch a tennis match at some point.  But this year I must see Serena Williams.  I must!  I hope she makes it to the woman's finals.

8. STORM KING - A seasonal park filled with outdoor art installations.  Hop on a bike and explore the sculptures and 500 acres.

9. STATEN ISLAND - After living in New York for over 20 years I realize that I have not been to the five boroughs.  I've been to obviously Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.  But not to Staten Island.  Am I missing anything?  Probably not!  But still want to go, so I can officially say I've been in the 5 boroughs!

10. GAME OF THRONES - I have a Netflix account and I should use it to good use!  Besides I feel so left out that everyone is always talking about this series, and I am so clueless.  I must get in the know.

As always I have quite a hit list!  But in order to make time to get out and enjoy and binge watch TV I can't spend my nights writing the blog over the summer.  Sorry not sorry!  You'll survive right?  I'll fill you in on our highlights when I return in September.

But if you miss me check in on Instagram @ispycandyblog to be inspired and see what we're up to this summer.   One of our hits will be scratched off the list this weekend!  Can you guess which one?  Find out on Instagram!  It's going to be an awesome summer, and I hope you make the most out of yours too.  3, 2, 1…Ready or not here we go!  Peace out.

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