I SPY: The Next Level

Jun 15, 2016

You think my life is always glam?  If so, your going to be disappointed today!  Yesterday was just a regular day being on Mommy duty in the burbs.  Nothing picturesque!  But to umph up the blah I shot with different lenses.  My new iPhone accessories that gave me a little excitement, from Urban Outfitters.

Let's test these toys!  First, in REGULAR lens on the couch.  Plain ole' selfie!  No gadgets attached.

Mister Ed being nosey in WIDE ANGEL lens.

A mirror selfie in FLY EYE lens.  Watch out…I have four heads!  If only it could clone me 4x and send another me to go pick up kids from school!

Stairs photo op in FISH EYE lens outside the dentist office.

Dinner with burgers and fries in WIDE ANGEL lens.

Game changer?  I obviously need to play some more to get something truly artistic.  But you kind of get the idea, of how it can bring your photography to the next level.  I can't really tell the difference between wide angel and fish eye though.  I think one is good enough to have on stand by, but that fly eye lens is a keeper.  Now it's just a fight who gets to use them in the fam!

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