I SPY: Naughty With Spice

Jun 13, 2016

What's the verdict on the Big Apple Barbecue festival?  The secret is out Salt Lick is the best!  People were lining up an hour before the stall opened at 11am.  I've always known that they were TOP, having frequently visited the original pit down in Austin, TX a few times.  But now… New York has caught on!  The line for their brisket and sausage proved it.

Even those who paid premium price for a fast pass ticket still had to wait in line!  Half a line.  But still!  Despite standing in line for a long time in the hot sun everyone was in good spirits.  Salt Lick was kind enough to pass around trays of burnt ends to everyone standing in line while waiting, to curb the hunger and to keep up the hype.  Further more the crowd was chanting Bar-B-Que in chorus, and did a countdown to opening!  It was like a sporting event.  Only a foodie would understand this excitement.  It was lit.  HA.

Photo Credit: +Tasting Table 

I had my share of the usual brisket, ribs, and pulled pork.  But the one I need to give a shout out to is my new discovery.  These Alabama White Wings from our local NYC pit Blue Smoke.  That's some knockout secret sesame mayo sauce that's naughty with spice!  I only got to eat one though.  They were serving trays of wings on the 1st day, and they were so popular they sold out early.  So the next day when I went I got cheated, because they changed the tray to a brisket + 1 lil' drumette combo.  It was such a tease, although enough as a taster.  Long story short…I need to go to Blue Smoke and order a full bucket to get my real fix in!  GOAL.

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