I SPY: A Nail Biter

Jun 21, 2016

Did you watch the NBA finals?  That was an absolute nail biter!  Luckily Cavaliers won, and I can move on with pretty nails!  But what about true addicts?  The real nail biters and thumb suckers?  No shame, my son is one from day one!  EEECK.

Do you have one of these in your house?  He's seven now and we decided last summer that it was time to nip it in the butt.  Easier said then done!  For the last year he did stop sucking his thumb in public, but continued at night privately, which is progress.  But during the day he then resorted to biting his nails.  Wasn't expecting to add on an extra problem!  Well our dentist has come to the rescue, and turned us on to this magic stuff in a bottle.

WOW.  It works miracles!  You apply it like nail polish.  One whiff and it already turned him off.  Smells like nail varnish, and tastes even worst!  BITTER.  Best thing, it can't be removed no matter how many times he tried to wash his hands!  HA.

Poor kid struggled a little that first night to fall asleep.  But he survived, and within 24 hours his habit and addiction is broke.  WOO HOO.  A big accomplishment for both Mama and him.  Why didn't anybody tell me about this before?  Could of saved me all the dental bills I see in the future for braces!  Oh well better late then never.  Highly recommend it for kids 3 years old and up.  Amazing stuff!

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