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Jun 3, 2016

When you plan for rain and it turns out to be dry that is always a plus right?  I'm counting my blessings because you know UK weather can be tricky.  But had I not packed my rain coat and umbrella I bet you it would've rained cats and dogs the whole time.  For sure!  Thanks to the weather Gods I had a great time in London over Memorial Day weekend.

My one photo of being a tourist with Big Ben was an impromptu drive by that almost got me run over by the Queen, and then my ride took off with out me!  Yes he did.  I do not make these things up!  HA.  Other then that I did not do the classic tourist route.  Been there and done that plenty in the past.  But I did catch up with friends and hit some new spots.  If your also a frequent visitor to London here's a few newbies to add to your London hit list.


Keep in mind that the art exhibits I saw are time sensitive.  However if you love art keep these galleries and parks in mind.  They will most probably have some other cool exhibit going on when ever you are in town.

This is an annual show held in May that this year happened to be on May 24 to May 28, 2016.  The weekend when I was there!  I got lucky with the dates but not tickets.  I think the official website sells out way in advance.  I got my tickets from Viagogo.  It's second hand tickets being sold off by individuals, similar to how Stubhub works.  Paid a little more, but worth it to see my garden of 5000 hand made crochet poppies, in remembrance of their veterans.  It was pretty spectacular to look out and realize that those weren't real flowers!  Only down was that your not allowed to walk into the field, and they didn't sell the crochet poppies.

Royal Hospital Chelsea

Had to catch my favorite artist Yayoi Kusama's new exhibit, currently on in London till July 30, 2016.  The mirror rooms are a MUST.  Especially the pumpkin room!  Full details on yesterdays post.

16 Wharf Road
N1 7RW

The initial reason why I decided to visit London last weekend was because I wanted to catch the KAWS exhibit that's getting pulled down on June 12, 2016.  The outdoor towering sculpture's were my favorite.  Full details on the KAWS exhibit on a separate post.  But even once KAWS leaves, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is still a beautiful way to escape city life to soak in some art and enjoy the English countryside.  This is one of the other works I was intrigued by.  Created by Swiss artist known as Not Vital.  His version of the moon is a stainless steel sphere, with hammered out bubbles.  When you look inside the bubbles your reflection is upside down.  Weird but for real!  Besides him there are many other good pieces of works from various artist on rotation to make your 2.5 hour travel time outside of London well worth your time.



The name says it all!  They're famous for their 'baos' which are usually steamed white chinese buns filled with pork belly, or another type of meat with veggies.  I had the pork belly and fried chicken buns which were good.  But the one I'm going to rave about is the fried ice cream Horlicks bao.  Horlicks is a British malt milk drink I use to drink growing up in Singapore.  I have not had Horlicks in over 20 years.  It was nostalgic for me to taste that again, and served on a warm fried bun in ice cream form was heaven.  If your in SOHO you must try one!

53 Lexington Street

My friends know I love my street food.  So this was a perfect place to meet for brunch.  Endless options.  The sausages were the best, and it was my 1st time trying Scotch eggs.  A hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat and covered in breadcrumbs.  Supposedly typical pub food!

Maltby Street Market
40 Maltby Street

On my last night we had to go out big!  Fine dining accompanied by trap music, Champagne Papi on the flow, surrounded by a model-esque crowd.  SWANK.  Not only was the ambience fun, but the food was good too.  Asian fusion inspired seafood.  Lots of sushi rolls, oysters and colorful cocktails were down.

Sexy Fish
Berkeley Square

Another quality Japanese restaurant to add to the list.  I will definitely be back to have the Truffle Wagyu Sukiyaki again.  That was the best beef I've had in a really long time.  It literally melted in my mouth!  At the end you can order a pan fried rice ball that's a little crispy to dip into the sauce to help lick that pot clean.  So YUM.

23 Conduit Street


I wish I had more time to enjoy my boutique hotel in Nottinghill.  It was very quaint, and is a new property less then a year old.  They connected five Victorian townhouses, and re-gutted the buildings transforming it into a beautiful, modern space, filled with mid century details.  Everything in their rooms are for sale.  I thought about buying the artwork above my bed!

The Laslette
8 Pembridge Gardens
W2 4DU

Even though it was a busy weekend, it was loads of fun.  Just like NYC I feel like London always has something new to do, which is why I can re-visit often.  I like it.  Toodles…till next time London!

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