I SPY: Hanging With The Stars

Jun 22, 2016

No way?  Yes way!  Finally made it on the set with Kelly & Michael…at the Madame Tussaud wax museum!  HA.  It was this summers goal to go watch a Live with Kelly and Michael show since I'm such a Michael Strahan groupie.  But of course Kelly & Michael had to break up last month, and this is as good as it gets now.

They look so real don't they?  The last time I was in a wax museum was in my teens in London.  I've forgotten how amazing the detail and workmanship of these statues can be.  Down to the smallest details such as freckles on Kelly Ripa's chest.  Yes, I inspected!  The set for Jimmy Fallon, ET & Don Harper from Mad Men was also very well done.

It was fun to walk around and see how many stars you could name.  Some were better then others.  I think their wax artists specialize in Black and Latino features, because they were really the best statues in the house.  SERIOUSLY.  These people were too real.  I got a little creeped looking at them too long, and couldn't look in their eyes.  It was that real!

Morgan Freeman

Carmelo Anthony

Melanie Brown a.k.a Scary Spice Girl


Samuel L. Jackson

Jennifer Lopez
So are you wondering how and why we ended up here?  My lil' guys idol EvanTubeHD on YouTube,  was seen at Madame Tussaud's attending the current Marvel superhero exhibit.

Evan got a wax mold of his hand, which my boys were dying to have.  This was the highlight of the end of our museum tour, and a awesome souvenir to bring home.  I would have done one too if they could of dipped my hand in gold!

It was cheesy, but much more fun then I was expecting hanging with the stars!  The Marvels 4D movie they offer should also not be missed, as it provides some great squeals.  Me included!  Great indoor entertainment that kept my boys occupied for 2 hours.  Keep it in mind for summer fun, when it's too hot outside, or as a rain day activity.  Times Square isn't just for the tourist!

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