I SPY: Creature Of Habit

Jun 16, 2016

Do you always eat at the same place?  You wouldn't guess it because I force myself to do food reviews…but I really am a creature of habit!  I have my favorite hangs that don't require over thinking, where they know my name and I can order without looking at the menu.  Those are the best places that feel like home.  You know what I'm saying?

 So last month I was at the Harlem EatUp festival.  I didn't share a review because not a whole lot has changed since my post last year.  It's still an unorganized mess.  But that unlimited alcohol still made it a fun party!  I did leave well fed, and ate crazy amounts of Mac n' Cheese and Fried Chicken from several vendors.  But I was slightly disappointed to walk away to not have any new discoveries.  Red Rooster my frequently visited brunch spot is still my favorite joint in the hood.

Harlem is a half way point for us to meet with friends who live in the city, so it has become our go to brunch hang out of convenience.  But of course we also love the food, lively ambience, eclectic crowd, soul music, and DJ.  DJ Ness is my lil' guys best friend!  HA.

Always MUST order the Mac n' Cheese, Fried Chicken and Cornbread.  Those are the consistent staples that never fail.  Burger, Waffles & Shrimp & Grits are also extra comforting!  Dessert they're always switching up.  But those donut holes served with a warm espresso, vanilla ice cream float on the side was slurped up fast!

Tried and tested plenty, and after the Harlem EatUp festival it's good to know it still holds its value.  Your missing out if you haven't been.  Go get in touch with that soul!

Red Rooster
310 Malcolm X Blvd
New York, NY 10027
T: (212) 792.9001

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