I SPY: Boys Night Out

Jun 17, 2016

What's planned for Father's Day this weekend?  For you last minute planners, with semi little 'uns, I have an idea for you!  Medieval Times has a special offer on this weekend till June 19, 2016.  Dad's are free!  Use code: FBDAD

My kids love this place!  We've been going annually for the last few years, since my lil' guy was 4 years old.  We even threw my older sons 10th birthday party there last year and brought his friends along.  So we know the drill, and have the party props always ready to go!

It's a live performance of knights fighting a tournament on real horses.  Skilled swordsmanship that will entertain you for two hours, as you cheer on the knight your section has been assigned.  A four course feast is also part of the show, and a full bar is available.  Beware...no utensils are served, so you are left to eat your ribs and chicken with your hands just like in the 11th century!

Cheesy fun that gets rowdy.  Perfect for a boys night out if you have wild children like mine!  Don't think it's just kids there.  I actually think more adults attend.  I've seen limos pull up with a whole bachelorette party coming through!  HA.  Drink and be merry.  It's fun for all ages.  Happy Father's Day gents!

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