I SPY: You Wanna Bet?

May 18, 2016

You know that moment when you see your trait in your child and you question whether it's a good thing?  It happened the other night!  We were at a restaurant we've never been to, Beach House Cafe for dinner and my lil' guy is deciding whether or not the kids mac n' cheese will be enough for him, or if he should order the adult portion.  So HE asks the waiter, not me!  The waiter said the kids size is a generous portion and he has never seen a child finish it.  My lil' smart mouth turns around and says 'You wanna bet?'  HA.  When his food arrived he asked me to take a before pic to start his challenge.

Do you think he finished it?  No joke, he chomped it down man!  He was struggling towards the end and tried to get me and his big bro to help him out.  We declined to see if he could really complete his mission.  With tenacity he succeeded!  You should've seen his eyes light up at the end.

This 7 year old has my genes for sure.  He loves his food, and should never be underestimated because he WILL prove you wrong.  I'm not sure if that is such a good thing with obesity on the rise, but I like the determination!  He obviously surprised the waiter, and got a prize.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream, which he also finished.  Uhm, I thought he was full!?!  HA.

Now we joke that he should join the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.  Don't be surprised if you see him there one day!

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