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May 23, 2016

Have you noticed food courts are trending in NYC?  I'm NOT talking about airport food courts serving McDonalds, Pizza Hut and that kind of fast food junk.  But quality food, such as Red Hook Lobster I previously raved about.

Been to Urbanspace Vanderbilt Market?  I'm lucky it's by my train station - Grand Central.  Not like I'm ever in there though, because I'm always rushing to catch my train!  However, I was there last week catching up with friends and as always over eating!  HA.

Roberta's - Bee Sting Pizza

Ippudo's Kuro - Obi - Pork Ramen

Hai Street Kitchen - Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burrito

Looks good right?  I forgot how great it is!  Over 20 food vendors to select from.  I'm especially happy my favorite ramen place Ippudo has recently joined forces and opened a spin off called Kuro-Obi.  I can now visit their stall instead of trekking it downtown to their restaurant.  There's good and bad in that!

This Vanderbilt market is run by Urbanspace the same group who are behind the food festivals like Mad Sq Eats I always urge you to go to!  Similar food vendors reside in the Vanderbilt market that opened last summer 2015.  The plus is that it's year round, indoors, and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Fast, casual, yummy and no reason to not like this urban space.  VISIT.

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