I SPY: Pigs & Thighs

May 20, 2016

Need a vacation?  Like a real one?  YES.  I know I'm always traveling, but I can't remember the last vacation I went on where I just sat and did nothing.  My kids have been troopers this year, and we've had our handful of cultural overdose.  But I did promise them that before years end we will have one mini vacation where we do nothing else besides Eat, Sleep & Relax.  Walking thru Kate Spade yesterday I saw these accessories that reminded me I need to plan it.

Mood inspiration?  Some where sunny, warm, pool and beach.  With an added twist...PIGS.  I'm not kidding.  I discovered this in the Bahamas!


Have you heard about Pig Beach?  For anybody a little adventurous who can never do anything totally normal, I think this one is for us!  Nothing cultural to it.  Just an experience to remember and a bunch of photos to return with of pigs & thighs, and me squealing for sure.  FUN and had to share.

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